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  • Stepper Motors (Hybrid & PM stepper)
  • Linear Stepper Actuators
  • Brushless / Brushed AC or DC Motors
  • Linear Motors
  • Geared Motors
  • Specialised motors: Voice Coil, Torque, Hollow-shaft
  • Custom options: special shaft, winding, wires & flange etc.
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Digital Servo Drives

  • Compact size yet very powerful (up to 42kW)
  • Panel mounted or PCB mounted
  • Used in normal or extreme environment including Military/Defence and Aerospace
  • High technology and precision control
  • Communication Type: Ethernet, CANOpen, Profibus
  • Matched servomotors and multi-axis controller (Maestro Controller) to achieve up to 100-axis control
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Motors with Integrated Electronics

  • Integrated stepper or brushless motors available
  • NEMA size: 17, 23, 34 with holding torque up to 7.5Nm
  • Communication protocols: RS422/RS485,Ethernet, CANOpen
  • Step & direction input, speed control & motion control
  • Versions available with optional encoders etc.
  • Linear actuator format & matching gearboxes available
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  • Single or Multi-axis control
  • For stepper or servo control
  • PLC / HMI available
  • CNC & automation applications
  • Communication protocols: RS485, CANOpen, Ethernet, EtherCAT etc.
  • Stand-alone or rack-mounted
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  • Planetary gearboxes, low backlash
  • Spur gearboxes
  • Worm wheel gearboxes
  • Customised options on frame size, ratio, shafts etc.
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Electric Actuators

  • Rod, rodless screw and rodless belt designs
  • All-in-one integrated actuator: An actuator with integrated motor, drive and/or controller
  • IP rating up to IP69/69K
  • Available with a food-grade white epoxy coating or stainless steel body for Food and Drink industries
  • In-line actuators available
  • Maximum stroke up to 5,100mm
  • Maximum speed up to 3,100mm/s
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Mechanical Components

  • Screw diameter 16mm & 25mm
  • Available length: up to 3000mm
  • Flexible couplings
  • 5 pitch sizes: 2.5mm-20mm
  • DIN 69051, tolerance class 7
  • Linear profile rails & carriages
  • Mounting blocks & accessories
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  • Motor Ranges


    Motion Control Products Ltd brings to it's customers the broadest range of electric motors in the market.

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  • Drive Ranges


    We provide a full range of stepper drives & servo drives with a host of features & functions.

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  • Motor & Drive Systems

    Motor & Drive Systems

    Motion Control Products Ltd provide a range of Scheider LexiumTM and Estun motor & drive systems.

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  • Motion Controllers

    Multi-Axis Motion Controllers

    Controllers suiting applications with PCI, standalone & multi-axis with a host of communication protocols.

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  • Integrated Motors

    Motors With Integrated Electronics

    We offer a vast range of motors with integrated electronics including brushless dc and stepper motor versions.

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  • Electric Actuators

    Electric Actuators

    We offer an extensive range of rodless electric linear actuators and rod-style electric linear actuators.

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  • Gearboxes


    Planetary, low backlash Spur & Worm wheel gearboxes with customised options (frame size, ratio, shafts etc).

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  • CNC Components

    CNC Components

    Whatever your CNC requirements we can offer a full range of controllers, driver kits and mechanical components.

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  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

    PS series switch mode power supplies, specifically designed to power inductive loads found in stepper & servo motors.

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  • Robots & Stages

    Robots & Positioning Stages

    Motion Control Products offers a range of Robots and Positioning Stages to suit our customer requirements.

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  • Encoders


    We offer a wide range of Shaft, Incremental Hollow & Absolute Shaft Type encoders.

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  • Gantry Systems

    Gantry Systems

    Motion Control Products offer a range of Direct Drive Linear Motor driven Gantries to suit our customer requirements.

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  • HMI & PLC Controllers

    HMI & PLC Controllers

    We provide a range of HMI & PLC Controllers for stepper drivers, servo drives & brushless servos.

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  • Mechanical Products

    Mechanical Products

    We can provide a range of ballscrews, leadscrews, Linear Rails and associated components from our extensive range.

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  • Extreme Environment Drives

    Extreme Environment Drives

    Durable, reliable and ruggedized drives which are designed for military and aerospace environments.

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  • Motion System Builds

    Motion System Builds

    With our extensive application and products knowledge we can engineer and install a solution to your requirements.

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